EHS Standards for Malaysia construction and infrastructure projects

Our management team puts the highest emphasis on EHS aspect in all our operations.

Achieving EHS objectives take precedence in all our project executions and serves as the number one priority in terms of project deliverables.

  • It is important that we play our role as responsible individuals to protect the environment in which we operate
  • Wherever possible, we maximize and recycle materials such as metal, wood, rubber, plastic, paper and etc.
  • Crushed concrete and cement are discarded and reuse as landfill and surface levelling
  • Non recyclable materials are sent to designated dumping site
  • Hazardous materials such as harmful chemicals are disposed through licensed contractor with proper disposal procedures
  • We ensure a healthy and hygienic operating environment for all our workers
  • Budget and plan the adequate resources to execute the job
  • Wherever applicable, we implement the suitable protection against harmful elements such as dust and noise pollution
  • Identification of hazards, assessment and elimination of associated risk
  • Comply with client and applicable legal and other requirements
  • Budget and implement suitable and adequate resources to do the job
  • Deploy safety plan focusing on high risk activities such as
    • Working at height
    • Lifting operations
    • Demolition works
    • Excavation works
    • Hotwork / fire hazards
    • Hazardous chemicals
    • Electrocution

The Management of Sadhana Salvage &Trading recognises that it is important all projects are strictly adhered to the Health and Safety measurements.

Sadhana Salvage Safety Standard