About Us - Sadhana Salvage & Trading

We are a reputable company who specialised in building demolition and metal salvage management services

We, Sadhana Salvage & Trading has more than 15 years experience in metal salvage and building demolition business. Our professional team work closely with our long term business partners and together as a team we offer the following competitive edge.

Our Values & Mission

Our Value

We built a reputation for integrity, reliability and honesty with Our business partners. We always put first priority on work safety and environmental protection. Our expertise and extensive network of contacts allow your business to gain more real Ringgit/returns for your asset disposal or manufacturing waste.

Our Mission

The mission of Sadhana Salvage is to redefine the building demolition, salvage and recycling of building materials & scrap metal trading business. We are strive to meet today’s challenges and tomorrow’s opportunities by being reliable and responsible building demolition leader that understanding the aspects of environmental compliance, safety of Our employees at work and surrounding community.

Our Team

Our team has many years of experience and technical know-how to ensure effective project management and hands-on operations.

Sadhana Salvage Demolition Contractor Professional Teamwork

Our Work Equipment and Machinery

Our combined resources consists of about 50 excavators, which include 4 long arm excavators, breakers, crushers and buckets. As for metal processing, we have 4 excavators fitted with magnet and 3 excavators fitted with hydraulic shear cutter.